I think this strange, warm, 70 degree day here in upstate New York must have jogged my tired brain and I remembered that I am long overdue for a blog post on Tammy Mercier. At the end of the summer I had the pleasure of working with her to photograph a few of her exceptional beads. Her work is like portraits in miniature, the detail is amazing and the expressions she captures on her creatures are so real it is like they are looking back at you and I am fairly certain the lion winked at me.

They are so good in fact that people often seem unable to grasp that they are done by hand, “I can’t tell you how many times I get asked about the molds and paint I use by people that are not familiar with the glass process,” said Tammy.  “A co-worker told me that because most people can’t appreciate the process to make a bead, that they aren’t that impressive.  He thought I used a plaster type mold and then painted it.”

Tammy attended her first glass class in April of 2015 with Stephanie Dieleman of Stephanie Ann Designs.  From day one she was hooked, the only thing that made going home bearable that first night was knowing she was returning the following morning.  The more she learned the more she realized how much chemistry is involved in glass making.  How the flame can change the glass from one thing to another and how a bead can turn out great but crack an hour later in the kiln due to incompatible glass.

In the midst of a full time job in the corporate world Tammy is learning to master her craft and grow her own style.  She says the most enjoyable part of her work is “getting in the zone and simply enjoying the process of melted glass and where it takes you.  Most importantly though it’s my customer’s excitement when they get one of the beads I lovingly made.”

To learn more about Tammy and her work check out her online sites below!

Glass Bead by Tammy Mercier photographed by Ann Cady

Glass Bead by Tammy Mercier photographed by Ann Cady