Having your work photographed is an investment in your art, your business and yourself.

I work with artists of all mediums to provide them with quality photography and high-resolution images of their work. I hate seeing someone get rejected from a juried show or overlooked on their website, not because of the quality of their work, but because they didn’t have quality photography. Concentrate on making your work and let me do the photography.

Standard Rate

My hourly rate is $60.00 per hour, or in the case of jewelry, the cost is $60.00 per piece.

All artists receive a password protected gallery where they can download high-resolution JPEG images as well as share them through email and social media. Galleries will be available online for 3 months after date of shoot – to keep yours longer, consider my Image Management Solution below. CDs of images are available upon request.

I request photography credit whenever possible and the use of the images for my portfolio.


I offer packages to make it easier for my clients to have the photos they need when they need them. All packages are good for two years from date of purchase. You can use your package all at once or a little at a time as you see fit. You may also share a package – if you and another artist would like to go in on one together and share the hours, that is OK!

Plus, packages save you money!

Artwork Package

This package applies to paintings, ceramics, sculpture and glass photography.

Artwork Photography Package:
Five hours of photography, includes tax – $260

Jewelry Packages

Jewelry is commonly shipped to my studio, and I have clients all over the country. I offer two background options – a light-to-dark graduated background or a “black ice” background. Either is neutral enough to flatter any piece and both are excellent backgrounds for juried shows. For custom background options, please give me a call. If you would like your pieces photographed on a bust, those may be shipped to my studio with your jewelry.

Jewelry Photography Package with shipping:
Five pieces of jewelry, includes tax and return USPS priority shipping with $500 insurance – $290

Jewelry Photography Package without shipping:
Five pieces of jewelry, includes tax but no return shipping – $260

Jewelry Work Order Form

Please fill out this form and include it in your package!

Image Management Solution

For those of you that would like an easy way to have all the images of your work handy 24/7, I have instituted a new Image Management Solution designed just for you.

For $55.00 per year use your online gallery as a convenient storage and file sharing system.  All your images will remain in your gallery and you will be able to download, share, or favorite them whenever you wish.  Images are normally removed from the galleries after three months.

Ceramics and Sculpture Photography

While I have several backgrounds to choose from, the customer-favorite for these pieces is the classic light-to-dark, graduated background. Special requests for background or staging can be accommodated.

Glass Photography

I started my work as a studio photographer shooting glass and I still enjoy the challenge to this day. Because of the nature of the material, work is usually done at the Corning Museum of Glass at their Photography Studio on their special shooting table. For smaller or engraved pieces, I use the same “black ice” technique you’ll see in my jewelry photography. An additional $20/hour rental fee applies to pieces photographed in Corning.

Painting Photography

I’ve photographed all sizes and shapes of paintings from oil to watercolor. With paintings, it is important to get the texture and color correct. That is why my lights, camera, and monitor are all color calibrated and I custom white balance the camera for each shoot. For very shiny paintings, I use a technique called cross polarization to remove the glare. This also means I can photograph a work behind glass if I need to.

Invest in professional photography of your artwork
Invest in professional photography of your artwork
Invest in professional photography of your artwork
Invest in professional photography of your artwork
Invest in professional photography of your artwork