In the 2017 Spring Edition of The Flow Magazine, I wrote an article on glass artist Bonnie Scott of Joyful Adornments and her flame working studio on wheels. Bonnie and I got together for an interview and photo session last fall which resulted in the published piece. The editors at The Flow were really helpful and I enjoyed talking to Bonnie about her experiences and getting a look inside that amazing van of hers.

I’ve been photographing Bonnie’s jewelry for several years now, ever since we met at CMOG’s Studio where she was taking a class and I was photographing the artwork created there. The trip to interview her was the first one I had made to her Odessa home and studio and, unfortunately, also my last as she is moving South in a few months.

Bonnie, I wish you all the best below the Mason Dixon line and remember you can ship work to me anytime you want! 🙂