Photography for Artists

Photography is ultimately about connection.  But it is a connection that many artists struggle with when it comes to their own artwork. Maybe they can’t get the lighting right or they struggle to really bring forth the details in their piece. If this is you, I can help.

I will work with you to translate your work into a digital image that still retains the essence of the piece. With this image, your art can connect with others from potential buyers to art and craft show jurors and everyone in between. I can help you make those connections.

Spend more time making art – let me worry about the photography.

Certified Professional Photographer

Ann’s Bio

The more I work as an art documentation photographer, the more I see I’m not photographing a piece of art but a piece of an artist. I get a little glimpse of the world through their eyes and help them to share it with others.

Ann CadyI am Ann Cady, the owner and photographer of ARC Photographic Images in Elmira, NY. I believe that art documentation is a collaboration between the artist and the photographer, to be done without ego but with skill and patience.

A little about me: In 2005 I moved to Elmira and began a transition in my photographic career. Where previously I worked for the NYS Senate photographing politicians, I suddenly found myself in a studio at the “Make Your Own Glass Studio” in Corning, NY, photographing art glass made by students and teachers from all over the world. It was there that I began to realize I loved the challenge of photographing for artists and expanded my practice to include all art mediums.